Top 10 Foods to Burn Fat Fast This Christmas

The dreaded holiday festive season blow-out is coming!

Every year, it comes around and come January, you’re back into the gym behind where you were in December!


Below is our Top 10 Foods that will help you avoid the extra weight gain over the holiday season and keep you on track to your health & fitness goals.

We’re all busy this time of year, so let’s just get straight into it!

#1 - Black coffee - YES, BLACK! Not a latte. The difference between a long black and a latte is about 140 calories. Let’s say you have 1 latte per day, over 1 week you’re consumed 980 extra calories than the person drinking black coffee. That can equate to about 5-7 kilos of weight gain per year.

#2 - Whey protein - a king amongst the convenience foods, high quality grass fed whey powder is an excellent source of essential fatty acids and amino acids, as well as providing your body with plenty of protein to build and repair muscle fibers.

#3 - Coconut oil - this is another great food source because of its high potency of omega-3 fatty acids. This can boost your HDL (good fats) and drop your LDL (bad fats) that equate to the majority of our “belly fat”.

#4 - Green Tea - this has been proven time and time again, that the flavanoids in green tea help with fat oxidation and also improving insulin activity in your body.

#5 - Apple Cider Vinegar - this is a great product to use in addition to a healthy diet as it promotes proper digestion and food breakdown, allowing for better nutrient extraction. The increase in stomach bile caused by the apple cider vinegar can also improve bloating, cramping and other inflammation.

#6 - Gluten - this IS NOT a food to have, yet a food to avoid this Christmas season. This protein found in wheat based products causes a lot of excessive inflammation and bloating in the gut, triggering a HUGE list of follow on side effects.

#7 - Water - the most underutilised fat loss aid on Earth! Water helps with so many metabolic processes, including waste removal and toxin release, allowing for far better weight loss.

#8 - High quality animal proteins - these sources of protein, essential fatty acids and HDL fats help promote overall health in the body. The protein also helps with achieving better body composition, allowing for more effective calorie burning and fat blasting.

#9 - Chia seeds - these are an excellent source of fiber and protein. The rich fiber content will help to “get things moving” better and remove excess waste, as well as bloating and any other digestive issues.

#10 - Chilli powder and spices - there are so many different spices that aid the increase of your metabolism. Spices like cinnamon and chilli help boost your metabolism, while a variety of others also have great health benefits, such as garlic and ginger for anti-inflammation, digestion and anti-bacterial properties.

These are our Top 10 Foods, I hope you can continue to eat them all holidays and starve off any extra weight gain.

if the holiday season isn’t good to you, then we can help you burn off the additional calories with some high intensity strength classes. If you can’t seem to drop any weight, then fill in the form below and you’ll receive a special training bonus offer!

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