We all want quick results yes? We all want to lose weight yesterday. Waiting for results is not an option, is it? Well, for most people who only want a quick fix and don't really care about their health in the process. 

Over time, the health & fitness industry has changed dramatically in how and what it sells to consumers. Consumers are now sold a faster method because nobody wants to wait anymore. Sadly, because faster doesn't work, the methods that big companies are using do not deliver sustainable long term fat/weight loss, yet a short term option for the consumer. And as confusing as it is, people are happy with this. Or maybe it's because they'll just keep repeating the process over a long period of time, then struggle to work out why they can't lose any more weight or their weight is making a steady return even though they are following the same methods that worked last time. 

How To Achieve Fat Loss

For decades now, fat loss is still achieved by the same methods that were and have been used in the past. It's no secret, nor is it a magical pill or drink. So do you want to know the secret? 


The past few months at Revive PT Eltham, we have been able to work more closely with some clients who have really wanted to step up their progress and accelerate their results, and this is what we helped them achieve. Ranging from dropping 5% body fat, and increasing muscle, to a drop in visceral fat (toxic fat) and increasing muscle mass, while reducing body fat. 

How did we help them achieve this? Simple, we got them to train more and eat better. It's no surprise that when these clients did this, the results began to appear. Now, in saying that, YOU can also do the same, but it comes back to you and what you want to give up. If your goals are not important to you, then you probably won't achieve them. We all go through stages in life where we are more motivated, but it's being able to stay in that place so you too can achieve what you want. The more you fluctuate outside these normal parameters, the more variable your results will be. 

These clients achieved greater than normal results because they went above and beyond the normal requirements to achieve what they did. They set themselves high targets to reach and they just kept going until they reached them. 

The Top 5 Diet Tips For Fat Loss

Fat loss can come through a variety of ways, but the best way and most effective long term is to change your eating habits. 

These are my top dietary tips to follow to make sure you can achieve fat loss over the next 2-6 weeks. 

  1. Eat protein at every meal. Protein is a great building block for people who are weight training on a regular basis. You can always incorporate a variety of protein throughout the day ranging from eggs, meat, protein powder to nuts. Ensure you're adding at least 1 good quality source of protein every time you eat. Eat for purpose.

  2. Drink more water. Water is the most important tool in weight loss as it assists in the removal of excess waste as well as help enhance your energy, enabling you to train more and sleep better.

  3. Cut the crap out of your diet. Confused why you can't lose weight? I'll give you a hint, it lies in between your cereal breakfast and latte with 2 sugars. Remove all non-essential food from your diet and watch your body fat dissolve right before your eyes. Go back to basics and eat properly.

  4. Listen to your body. This is particularly important for people who do suffer from intolerances or other food triggered symptoms. If your body can't handle excessive gluten intake, then you need to minimise it. If you drink large amounts of dairy or eat high levels of added sugar in your foods, then you need to cut them out if you want to achieve the goals you keep telling yourself you want. Because you WON'T achieve them if you DON'T.

  5. Consistency. Changing your eating habits is not a 4 week change, it's a permanent change. The way you now eat is how you will continue to eat if you plan on making these changes permanent. To keep the weight off and change your body composition long term, these changes need to stay consistent. You now eat breakfast, lunch and dinner EVERY SINGLE DAY! No skipping meals because you're too tired and not prepared enough. Not good enough anymore.


If you're an average person who wakes up in the morning, eats breakfast at home, then heads off to work, gets one break at work for lunch, then comes home to prepare dinner and watches TV on the couch for 2 hours after dinner and before bed, then you need to be prepared. 

Here is an example of a simple meal plan to follow over a standard weekday. It's a simple meal plan with easily sourced foods, not expensive and anyone can make it. 

Enjoy coffee or tea? Drink it black, no sugar. 

Include lots of water throughout the day too to help aid weight loss.

Breakfast: As protein is important at each meal throughout your day, eggs are a great way to start your day. They are versatile in how you cook them and what you have them with. 

  • 2-4 egg omelette, spinach, mushrooms

  • sliced avocado over the top

Snack: Snacks are a good addition if you make them good ones. I like to make my own trail mix or simply eat an extra meal.

  • Trail mix (almonds, cashews, walnuts, cinnamon

Lunch: I always recommend people cook dinners to have leftovers for lunch the following day. 

  • 150-250g grilled chicken breast

  • 100g roast sweet potato

  • fresh spinach leaves

  • steamed broccoli

Snack: This snack is not important if you're not hungry and making the distinction between hungry, bored and habit is vital to success. If you are hungry here, some more trail mix, or a smaller version of lunch can be added in here. 

Dinner: Are you time poor? Are you not an adventurous cook? Keep it simple then. Don't forget, leftovers for lunch tomorrow so try and keep it a "leftover friendly" meal. 

  • 150-250g of protein (chicken, fish, beef, kangaroo etc)

  • 150-250g vegetables/salad (sweet potato, cauliflower, broccoli, beans, capsicum, etc.)

Find the vegetables you enjoy most and throw those in to a baking dish and roast them. Quick, almost effortless, and you can even sprinkle some dried herbs and salt and pepper over the top to give them more life. 

After dinner: NO FOOD! You're not hungry. If you are, eat more dinner ;)

This is a new way of life for you now. It's a process, and if you invest the time and effort now, you'll be rewarded with the results you've always wanted. 

Now, eating better will help you lose body fat, but proper exercise will help you shape your body, so find and stick to a solid training routine that will help you build muscle and shape your body the way you want to. NOW, that we can help you with ;)

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