8 Week Strong & Lean Program for Women

Welcome to the start of something new and exciting.

The new gateway to results in the gym.

This program was designed for women just like you to get them motivated and kicking serious goals in the gym.

Our new 8 Week Strong & Lean Program is for women to build strength through weight training, burn fat and maintain their new ideal body shape.

What you’ll receive is;

  1. 8 Weeks of Unlimited Group Personal Training

  2. Weekly check-ins with our coaches

  3. Nutrition consultations to ensure you’re making the best possible progress in the shortest possible timeframe

  4. Accountability

  5. Knowledge and support from our trainers and other members

All of this could be yours for only $99!

Yes, 8 weeks of unlimited group personal training to get you stronger than ever before and achieving your goals right through the silly season for just $99.

Now, the catch, you MUST;

  1. Be able to train a minimum of 3 days per week

  2. Be able to commit to 8 weeks straight

  3. Have been training for at least 6 months in the gym

  4. Want serious results in 8 weeks!

If you’re a YES to the above, then the final step is to fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch to get you started Monday!

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