5 Reasons Why You're Not Getting Results

We all train for 1 reason, RESULTS! Right?

So what do we do when we’re not getting them? We often train hard, cut more calories, or just give up. But what if you tried doing some things differently?

What if we take a look at the bigger picture first before throwing in the towel and dealing with mediocrity?

Firstly, get clear on what it is I’m talking about here, this is a process, which if followed, will guarantee you get results faster, and longer lasting.

I tried to keep it as honest, straight to the point, with no bullshit, so here goes.

WARNING: If you are easily offended, stop reading……..now.

#1 Your Nutriton is Crap!

Yep! CRAP! “But I eat really well.” Wrong! You don’t, that’s why we’re having this conversation, correct? If you ate really well, you wouldn’t need to lose 5-20kilos? Yes? So stop lying to yourself through justified excuses that you are eating well because you’re not. You may ‘think’ you do, but I’m telling you, you don’t!

Nutrition is a numbers game. It’s also a will power game. Why can I choose not to eat ice-cream, cakes and everything else, yet you can’t? Why is that?

How come I can go without drinking for weeks on end, yet you drink most weeknights? “But I only have 1 glass.”

How can I maintain a stable level of health & fitness, in my ideal weight range, yet others spend their entire lives trying to achieve it?

It comes down to 1 simple thing. WILL POWER! Yes, the same thing that controls my decision to not do it, is the same thing you give in to that tells you to do it. My will power is stronger than yours. My desire to not eat it outweighs my desire to eat it. My dream to have a body I’m happy with and proud of outweighs my desires to eat shit food and drink excessively every week. It’s a choice I make daily, as do you.

#2 Your Training Frequency & Intensity Isn’t Good Enough

When it comes to your exercise and training schedule, this is one area that could do with some drastic improvement. How often in your training do you give 100% to the workout?

When was the last time you know deep down you didn’t give it everything?

Did you choose not to? Did you feel tired? Weak? Wasn’t up for it? All of these questions happen because of an event. You’re tired because you spent 2 hours lying in bed watching cat videos on Instagram. You feel weak because your nutrition isn’t giving you any adequate nutrients to use for training and muscle building. You weren’t up for it because it’s not a priority, and you would prefer to crawl into bed and nap all afternoon. All of these things are what separates some from the others. The 10% from the other 90%. The 10% make it their #1, the 90% fit it in when they can.

Frequency should be directly related to your desired outcomes. If you have 20 kilos to lose, then you need to put in a lot more work. If you’re trying to maintain, then yes, less is ok, but don’t get lazy on it.

Intensity in the gym is where most people fail. Training is different to exercising. Training is challenging you to be better than yesterday. Exercising is taking the dogs for a walk around the block. Training is lifting more than last time. Building on previous efforts to further progress.

Train, don’t exercise! Train hard! Train with intention. Every time you’re in the gym, it’s a chance to do something amazing!

#3 Your Focusing on The Wrong Things

The fact that you lost 50g since last week has no relevance whatsoever, unless you’re a jockey riding in the Melbourne Cup, then it’s everything.

Get off the scales and focus on the things that will actually have an impact on it. Spend less time stressing and worrying about what the scales will tell you and spend more time concentrating on the things that will deliver the most change. Planning and preparing meals, training properly, researching healthy recipes. All of these have a far great impact over a month than weighing yourself every morning to see the micro changes that may or may not be happening.

If you’re still obsessed, weight yourself once a week max! On good scales and track body weight, body fat %, muscle mass etc.

Get clear on your goals and focus on those more.

Your main goal might be to lose 10 kilos.

Step 1, lose 1 kilo.

Step 2, lose another kilo.

What did I change to make Step 1 work?

What did I then do to help Step 2 work?

Now how can I repeat this over and over again until I’ve lost my 10 kilos?

Why am I stuck at 5 kilos?

Why isn’t it working now after it helped me lose 5 kilos already?

This WILL happen. Get over it. Change something. Do something differently.

I can guarantee if I picked apart your lifestyle, I could find at least 3-5 things that should have changed 12 months ago, and you would already be where you want to be, instead of stressing that you’re not ready for another summer on the beach.

I’m happy to do that for you too, so just ask, but be willing to listen to and accept the hard truth if it comes. We will both get more out of me being honest and giving it to you straight, rather than me sugar coating it and you walking away thinking I’m a nice guy, but you still don’t have any answers.

So hit me up if you want your questions answered!

#4 Self Sabotage

You never wanted to achieve that goal you set out to anyway. It was way too hard and not aligned with your desired choices. You wanted a 6-pack, but went out on the beers every weekend?

You wanted to reduce your thighs, but you ate takeaway 3 nights this week.

You wanted to lose 10 kilos but don’t like to eat vegetables… I’ve heard it all!

We all sabotage and lie to ourselves more than anyone else in our lives. Why? Because we don’t want to accept that we have failed ourselves. You said you wanted to lose 10 kilos, so what happened?

“Oh I had a wedding, then Christmas parties and a friends going away party.”

“Oh, so when you said you wanted to lose 10 kilos, you actually meant, “Only if it suits my social life”?”

Do you want to lose the weight or not? Because if you did, you wouldn’t do the things that are stopping you from achieving it. If you did want to, you would do whatever it takes to achieve it.

I get people all the time tell me that they want to lose weight, but will argue with me for hours and defend their soy latte twice a day, and the bowl of cereal for breakfast. Hang on, do you want my help or not? Are you asking me or telling me? You either want to listen or not, and given you’re still reading this, I’m assuming you’ve had enough of not achieving any significant results.

Stop telling yourself lies and excuses as to why you didn’t achieve it. Instead, say “I didn’t achieve my goals because I failed myself.” I chose to eat chocolate instead of prioritise my health and dreams of a 6 pack.

Sound fair? It’s a lot harder to say though isn’t it? You didn’t achieve your goals because of you, nobody and nothing else stopped you from doing that.

#5 Your Exercise Choice Sucks

Yes, when it comes to training, not all are created equal. If you want to be a marathon runner, stop reading, for the other 99.99% of you who want to just look amazing, listen up.

Training harder is great, if what you’re doing is good. Because you’re doing 8 Pump classes a week, doesn’t make you an athlete. How strong are you? How much muscle have you got? Where do you store your fat? If you’re flogging yourself harder in the gym because your 6 pack hasn’t showed up yet, you’re doing it all wrong.

Change what you’re doing. Choose high demand compound movements that burn maximum calories. Deadlifts, squats, bench press, chin ups, kettlebell swings, sled push, rope slams. All of these have the ability to burn calories like no tomorrow. Lean muscle also burns a lot more calories than fat, so build more of it!

Lift heavier, lift smarter, train harder.

If you can do back-to-back Attack classes, but can’t deadlift your body weight, don’t be surprised when your body doesn’t change. Our bodies are designed to pick stuff up, push stuff away from us, pull things closer to us, and be an overall bad ass, not to step up and down off a small box at 140bpm for 60 minutes.

But, I could be wrong… but I don’t think I am.

Thanks for reading all the way to the end, and for putting up with my honesty. I hope some or all of it can hit home for you and you can take something away from it.

Please feel free to hit us up via the CONTACT US page and we’ll happily answer any questions you may have, or even better, give you a success plan to achieve it.