Movement & Exercise Are Medicine

Sounds pretty crazy right? Because it is. How can movement and exercise be medicine? Well, pretty simple actually, it's because it is so effective at treating a variety of issues, illnesses and anything in between. 

A long list of health side effects are often relieved when that person undergoes a new exercise routine. Do you ever get depressed because you haven't been to the gym? Do you feel a difference in your body when you haven't trained in a few days? Did you miss your favourite class and feel shitty as a result? Is life taking up all of your time, and you feel that things were so much easier in your early 20's to stay fit and healthy? Sadly, this is reality for a lot of people. Life gets in the way sometimes. There will be times when you find that gym gets put on the back burner, but make sure that it never gets fully forgotten about. Keep it on your mind, and know that it is one of the most important things you can do for yourself, both physically and mentally. 

Exercise is the most under utilised anti-depressant on earth. When you start moving again, through a form of exercise you enjoy, your body begins to instantly feel better. Muscles get awakened, blood starts flowing, your heart pumps faster and you get a surge of endorphins that make you feel better. As time goes on, you'll get stronger, things will begin to function better, and you will benefit from all your hard work, not to mention begin looking better, which is ultimately why we all train anyway, isn't it? 

The more sedentary your life becomes over time, the less you move, obviously. The older you get and the more life takes over, the less you prioritise movement and exercise, which then leads to a level of discomfort and depression. Your body is built to function and perform. It's designed to improve regularly. 

When you sit still all the time and don't put movement first, your body will begin to shut down. This leads to stiffness, joint and muscle aches, lethargy and a lot of other things. Poor posture can even lead to poor digestion, triggering a long list of other side effects. 

Before you reach for a miracle pill to help relieve any discomfort, try moving more and developing a solid exercise regime. Commit to it and watch all your ailments begin to disappear. 

You'll start to;

  • sleep better
  • want to eat better
  • have more energy
  • get stronger
  • look better
  • move better
  • have less pain
  • become more positive
  • enjoy life more!

You can see all the positives of using movement and exercise as medicine, so be sure to introduce it into your lifestyle. Don't accept what's happening right now as the end. Make the decision to make a change and reap the rewards of all your hard work. 


Now go and GET MOVING!