Are you currently training more and more in the hope you'll achieve more and more? But, you haven't?

If this sounds familiar for your current training cycles, or one you've had in the past, then it's time to change it up. People get stuck at certain points in their training for a variety of reasons. Everyone will achieve something to hang their hat on, but as soon as they plan to up the game and achieve something new, something in their routine needs to change with it. Whether that be nutrition, training or lifestyle. If you plan to take things up a level, then you need to identify where you're letting yourself down. 

This is where people go one of 2 ways. Some decide they basically don't want to achieve it, while others decided to make the necessary changes to achieve their goal. Whichever way you go, you need to own it. The worst thing that can happen now is if you decide to realign your goals to match what you're willing to do then don't get upset in 3 months when someone else has achieved their goal, but you're left high and dry. 

Some of my most simple tips to achieve your goals are very easy to follow. 

  1. Plan & Prepare: This relates to every aspect of your training. It means you need to plan and prepare your nutrition/meals as well as your training cycle. If you're using a trainer/coach for your training, great, just make sure the training is working for you. If not, time to change things up. Find the routine or style that gives you the best outcome for the invested effort. Map out your week and days to best support your training goals. 
  2. Up your training intensity: So you've decided to go for it? Awesome, now it's time to increase volume on your training. If you are where you are, it's because you do what you do. Want something to change with your body? Time to up the intensity! If you're doing 3 sessions a week, get your nutrition right and up it by 1-2 sessions per week. Now you're basically doing a months worth of training in 2 1/2 weeks. Can you see how the ability to grow and adapt is greater now? This is your new normal, it's not a 4 week trial, it's part of what you do now.
  3. Stop over analysing every single detail: When you lose focus of the big picture and start focusing on the minor details that don't have any impact on your end outcome, you lost. These all build up to overwhelm and defeat you before you even get anywhere. Should I be eating carbs? Should I be eating protein? Should I eat high fat? Should I only eat carbs after training? Sure, all of these questions have merit and will play a role in how successful you are, but will they have such an impact on the average person that we should all quit our day jobs and dedicate all of that time to this? NO! Get the basics right first and run with that. These minor changes won't change anything if you still haven't changed the other 90%. Focus on the 90% first, because, well, it's 90%!!!!! It's quite simple really. If you focus on changing the 10% first, you won't change at all. If anything you may even go backwards. Sorry :(
  4. Focus on health, not weight: By focusing on a health outcome, you'll be more motivated and a hell of a lot more satisfied with the outcome. Choosing to make a decision with health in mind rather than how your weight will be affected is when you'll begin to see better results, and a hidden positive, your weight will come down anyway. Choose not to eat crap food because it will decrease your energy, your skin, your mood, and your immune system, not because it might cause you to pack on a few extra kilos here or there. Make the right choice for the right reasons. 
  5. Enjoy your life, and have no regrets! This one is almost the most important one for people, and although they seem to always be having fun, they still have that burden sitting there in the background that eats them alive. It's the voice that tells you not to eat the cake, the voice that tells you to train an extra time because you had a few drinks Friday night, the voice that talks negatively about you to you. Do you know that most healthy people don't have that voice? Because they choose not to live life with limits. They choose to be happier with the decisions they make and don't want to be limited by restricting themselves in certain areas of their life. They tend to have more fun, yet still achieve better results. Wouldn't you much prefer to be this person? Living life in the now without any worries or regrets? I've lived here for a while now, and I can personally guarantee you, if and when you join me here, you'll be so much happier, healthier, and you'll achieve MORE without any of the negative stress! Please, come and join me :)

Achieving success is possible within every person, with varying levels of success. The varying levels comes from the varying degrees of dedication and consistency. Lamborghini and Ferrari always deliver a great car because of the consistency in their processes. They are dedicated to delivering a quality product that people know them for. Become that premium product, not a cheaper version! Aim HIGH!