When it comes to achieving your health & fitness goals, it's very important to find the right place that suits you. 

The right place means you feel comfortable when you're there, you feel part of the family, you can talk to people there without any hesitation and most importantly, you have 100% trust in the coaches and trainers that are taking you along this journey. 

If you're in an intimidating environment that you don't feel comfortable in, it's never going to work and you'll never achieve your goals, that's if you ever stick to it in the first place. 

Finding The Right Environment

Seeking out the perfect place for you to become a part of depends on a few different factors

  1. The right training style or training variety to help you achieve your goals - make sure they offer up a good balance of different styles of training so you stay motivated and never get bored and become lazy.
  2. The perfect balance of support and encouragement - Making sure you're not being trained by a big teddy bear is important, but at the same time, you want someone who will tell you the truth, not just the stuff you want to hear so that they can deliver the right service to you so you get the most out of your hard work. Don't fall into comfort, but know your relationship is strong enough with your trainer or coach that you appreciate their honesty. 
  3. Your goals are their #1 priority - at Revive PT Eltham, our main focus is making sure we do everything in our power to make sure you achieve your goals. We often have conversations with our clients that may seem confrontational but at the roots, it's because we want the best for them, therefore it makes us passionate when we try and get our message across. We want them to achieve their goal. If they do that, we've also succeeded. Simply filling our classes is not our primary focus. Making sure we fill our classes with like minded people all there for the same reason. It's not a beauty contest, it's a family gym where everyone should feel comfortable. That's US!

Achieving a goal can only happen if you follow a specific process. Very very few people can maintain a lean body, whilst living a certain lifestyle. If you want a specific physical goal, eg. abs, toned arms etc, then you're going to have to work for it. This may mean that you need to give up a few of the luxuries in your life for a while until your body becomes a calorie burning machine! 

Where you train is what will support you or hinder you achieving your goals. If you feel supported and you have the team around you, you'll stay more motivated and you'll also be more focused to keep pushing when you don't want to. Everybody hits the wall at certain points throughout the process, it's normal, but who you have surrounded yourself is very important here, because they will either keep you down, or not let you stay down, and will pull you back up and inspire you to keep going. 

At Revive PT Eltham we have conversations on a daily basis with members about nutrition, planning, preparation or anything else that is relevant to them that we can help with. This is what most other gyms don't do. This is what you NEED!

If you want to take your progress further and achieve something amazing, you're going to need to fill out the form below. We'll get in touch with you, find out where you're at, what your frustrated with, what you want to achieve and also discuss with you how we can help you achieve that. 

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