Putting The 'Personal' Back Into Personal Training

With gym memberships on the rise, it's quite common to see a rise in motivation to get healthier, fitter and look better. What all the commercial gyms don't tell you is that just joining a gym doesn't give you results. Only doing the work, eating right, putting in 100% will give you the results, but only if you can sustain it. 

When was the last time the receptionist at the front door asked you what your goals were? 

When was the last time they sent you a text and asked why you weren't at training that night? 

When was the last time someone from the gym checked in with you to see how you're tracking with your goals?

Never? Sounds about right? But why? It's simple really. They're not employed to help you get results. They have no vested interest in you achieving your goals. They don't get satisfaction if you drop 5% body fat and increase your lean muscle mass. 

Sometimes training at a gym, even with a buddy, can seem very lonely. Those early mornings on the gym floor when you simply don't want to be there can feel like you're in it alone. Like nobody is listening to you. Sound about right??

Now, picture this, Person A wakes up on a cold Monday morning to your alarm. They have 2 options right then. Hit snooze and dream about achieving their goals. Or option 2, get up, get dressed and go to the gym. Now if you're Person A, who is a member at a gym that don't care if you're there or not, then you have 2 options. If you're Person B, who is a member at Revive PT Eltham, you simply have 1 option. GET UP! Why? Because our trainers are waiting for you. As are the members who are like family and all want to see you succeed! Your success is their success. They'll watch you grow, progress and change along the journey. Now, over the course of 6 months, who wins that race? 

Would you prefer to be Person A or Person B? 

Using a personal trainer is the best, most effective way to get results, especially if you choose the right one. I'm a personal trainer and have also used my own personal trainer in the past. Why? Because even I need some accountability to someone else. I have those weeks when I don't want to. I want to take a day off, then another day, and another. Being accountable to not just yourself, but a trainer who is there to make sure you succeed is very important. It's a whole new level of commitment. 

A personal trainer, well, a good one, will be by your side from start to finish until you reach whatever goal it may be. Our work at Revive PT isn't finished until you have achieved what you want. You're not just a member with us, you're a person with goals. We understand you. You may be the only one who is truly passionate about your personal goals, but we will sure as hell be by your side with you, fighting for it, and we will never stop until you have reached that goal! 

Those days you want to give up. You want to skip the last set. You want to sleep in... NOT AN OPTION AT REVIVE! We're not going to yell at you, but we have other methods of encouragement to make sure you can pull yourself out of it and push your own boundaries. 

So if you're looking for that extra push, knowledge, guidance and support, reach out to us today and we'll see how we can help you. 

Our members, if you're reading this, I appreciate you all and am very lucky to have such dedicated, passionate people in our community :)

Stay healthy!

Liam Crivelli

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