The Gym Secret Commerical Gyms Don't Want You To Know

For decades now, commercial gyms have been preying on the weak, vulnerable and easily influenced. They have managed to achieve this using a variety of methods.

1. Group fitness classes - They never have and never will be an effective exercise tool to build a strong, lean body. 

2. Flashy new age machines - that only take up valuable floor space.

3. "Member programs" - that are on 'FILE', 'PRINT' for anyone and everyone, tricking you into believing you're receiving value. 

How do I know this? Because I've worked in them. 

Why did the largest gym chain in the world undergo a big re-brand and new fit-out to a more modern style? Because their members wanted more and they found out that most of the equipment in there was to keep you confused and coming back for more. 

Times are changing in the fitness industry more than ever and the gyms that don't evolve and adapt to demand will be simply left for dead with all the other YMCAs and Fernwoods.

Some of the best advice I ever got with regards to training clients was, "Give them some of what they want, but more of what they need." This means, give people that "ab blast", but also give them squats, deadlifts, chin ups, kettlebell work and all the other primary lifts that build the physique they want. 

Walk into any commercial gym, and where are the strongest and leanest people? I'll give you a hint, they're not doing body pump or running at 7.5km/h on a 45 degree incline on the treadmill... they're in the weight room building muscle and burning calories! Don't believe me? Take a look next time you're there. 

Group fitness classes, cardio equipment (95% of the time it's used for), fixed machines don't give you the challenge and progression your body is craving. 

The weight that most of the women in a body pump class need to be squatting to make some real strength and shape changes, will most likely bend the small bars they're using. They need to be 1 shown how to properly squat with a load, and 2 be on the weight floor and start taking their training seriously and to the next level. 

So why are so many gyms and personal training studios popping up? It's because they are offering something different. They can offer programming by a personal trainer who wants to see them lift more, change more, and progress further than ever before. Your success is their success, well at least with Revive PT it is. 

So if you're feeling stuck with your current training and want to take it further, fill in the form below and we'll be in touch to get you started. 

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