We have been over concerned about what we weight for decades now and it has no sign of slowing down. 

There is 2 things most people are concerned about;

1. How can I lose weight?

2. What do I have to give up?


Let's kick off the 5 things you're most likely doing wrong that is stopping you from achieving your goals.

#1. You under eat. 

Yes, you can under eat and it is just as bad as overeating. When we under eat what is happening is we don't consume enough calories for our body to function properly, let along switch on our fat burning system to effectively process calories, build muscle from training and burn fat from exercise and diet. 

The quickest way to find out the amount of calories you should be eating is to go through a simple BMR calculator. You input age, gender, height, weight, exercise level and it will tell you how many calories you burn in a single day. With this number you can now see how many calories you have to be eating to maintain your current state. 

You want to drop weight, then you have to up your expenditure, or simply cut out 10-15% of your calories. 

With the slight calorie deficit, you can now effectively and efficiently fuel the body to be able to run at its optimal level. 

Chronic under eating can also wreak havoc on your cortisol levels, and can also damage your adrenal glands, and effect thyroid. Without proper nutrition, whatever you're striving for, will forever be out of reach. 

Balance is key. So eat a variety of proteins, fats and carbs. Don't neglect anything and eat with passion and enjoyment. 

Gone are the days of any adult eating a 1200 calorie diet! Gone I tell you!


#2. You don't want it bad enough, and that's fine...

If you really want something, you normally get it right? You don't sabotage yourself when it comes to having a drink, eating chocolate, skipping a workout, deviating off your diet etc., so if this is the case, why do you sabotage yourself when it comes to eating well, getting to all your training sessions, and living a healthy life? 

Why? Because deep down, it's too hard. It's true! It is bloody hard work! Ask anyone with a washboard stomach, it's hard work to maintain that! Ask anyone with a lean physique, toned arms, legs, shaped butt, you name it, whoever has it busts their ass to keep it! 

Don't tell yourself you want it, do awesome for 2 weeks, then fall off the wagon and blame the process. You didn't wake up in the state you are, so it won't take overnight to fix it. Respect the process. Respect yourself enough that you won't give up. 

Every single day is the chance to make a change. Do something differently. Be better than yesterday. 


#3. You're inconsistent.

When it comes to achieving goals, consistency is KING, and QUEEN! Without consistency, goals fluctuate, just like your weight. Over the past 10 years, my weight has changed roughly 1-2 kilos.

Why? How?

Because I'm consistent. My training is consistent. My diet is consistent. My routine is consistent. I'm never chasing my own tail because of a bad few months. I don't get myself into a rut I can't get out of. 

True, I do work at a gym, therefore I can train all day. Wrong! I also have stuff to do. I'm busy, I run 2 businesses, I have 2 young boys I like to spend time with, a lovely wife who helps me and supports me, but I also enjoy the balance. I get up at 4:30am to get to the gym. I train in between sessions at the gym. I train multiple times in a day. I don't let it become a "chore". It's part of me. My routine. My life. I want it bad enough that it has become a constant in my life. 

Make it one in yours! 

It should take priority. When you become overweight and sick, trips to the specialist and the doctor will become priority, so make this one now!


#4. You're caught up with what everyone else is doing.

Stop looking, and comparing yourself to everyone else. You're not everyone else. You are totally different to the "fitspo" guys and girls on Instagram. 

What they do is not what you do. You need to develop a routine and program that works in with your lifestyle, needs and goals. 

If you try and compare yourself all the time with everyone else, then you will never be happy in your own skin. There will always be someone else to compare against. That next level to strive towards. Sure, go ahead and be motivated by a body, but don't wish you had their arms, stomach, butt etc etc. Be happy with yourself, because the happier you are, the easier things become and the less they feel like chores. 


#5. You don't respect yourself. 

Don't talk negatively about yourself. Don't refer to yourself as anything negative. Only talk positively, even if you don't feel it's true. If you start to think, talk and act negatively, then you will start to believe it in your own mind. Then others will join in and follow your lead, talking badly about you, or themselves. 


Negative thoughts become negative words, that become negative actions. 

"I'm overweight. I'm unhealthy. Look at me!" Negative. Negative. Negative.

"I feel great. I look great. I can do anything I want." Positive. Positive. Positive.


Be the person you want someone to be to you. Be the positive friend. The confident friend. The friend who always has something nice to say. The person everyone wants to have around because they make them feel better. 


I hope this helps you think more positively. Helps you become the person you want to be, and leaves the negative, boring person for dead! 

Thanks for reading. Please share so others can also take something away with them.