This statement applies to so many different areas of your life.

Whether it be exercise, lifestyle, work, relationships, or anything else, it sings true to a large percentage of people.

I come in contact with so many people on a daily basis who come to me for help, but then rebel against me and resist the process and stages involved to achieve their original goals they told me they wanted ‘so badly’.

People enquire about training, retreats, lifestyle coaching, yet when I begin to dig, they get defensive and act like I’ve just cut off their thumbs or am trying to remove a kidney.

I can show every person how to succeed, but without the drive that comes from within, they will never get close to their goals, yet will always give an excuse as to what stopped them.

I got to spend the day this afternoon with a close friend of mine and we got to talk all about life, our passions for helping people, and what our future looks like.

In our conversations, we spoke about how in an industry like ours, it is hard to motivate people to do the work. Even though they know deep deep down that they should be doing it, they still find a way to not do it.

This can be around finding the time to exercise, preparing the right meals, even though they will help get them closer to their goals, spending time doing stuff they love, or spending time with their friends and family.

My friends fiancé is also a perfect example of 100% dedication to her goal. She works as a nurse, is on night shift, still gets to the gym at least once a day, if not twice, is flawless with her diet (I mean flawless) and still has time to see friends, spend time with her partner and enjoy every aspect of her life.

I’m not saying you have to be just like her, but if you can be 30% of that, you would notice a drastic positive shift in your life. Don’t call her lucky, don’t say she’s “nuts”, but say she is motivated, dedicated, driven to succeed and wants the very best for herself.

Even I am not that motivated, but I truly appreciate what she has been able to manage and achieve. Both of them. At times they have wanted to quit, but have not given in. Have had a clear image in their head from day 1 and have never let it slip.

Now they are exactly where they could picture themselves at the start, and can now enjoy their hard work. This is their life, but everyone can learn something from them.

Well done guys! Super proud!

Stop looking for an excuse, get out of your own way and just bloody do something.