When it comes to being a personal trainer, you often follow one of 2 pathways. The first path, the most common one, is you become a drill sergeant. You bark orders at your troops, often forcing them into doing it through fear. In this place, you are more concerned about seeing sweat than technique, sustainability and education. 

The alternative path to follow is one that molds you into something completely different. The coach path. You become a health and fitness coach. You're main focus is educating your clients, in all areas of their life. Nutrition, movement and lifestyle. Not saying everyone should become an overnight "expert" in all of those fields, but normally when you hit coach status, you've got your life pretty well balanced and you're in total control of most of it. So you know what it takes to achieve results form this place. 

About 90% of the fitness industry took path 1. The rest of us, path 2. Most of the general public who use trainers and coaches are solely after some sweaty goodness. They want to be yelled at to do the last 2 reps. They want to walk out of training with their eyelids sweating. They love to hate it. They also end up at the osteo every second week to fix ongoing problems. With their main focus being sweat and heart rate, they lose track of quality and forget why they're doing it in the first place. 

Now, the rest of you 10% folk, who are in it for the long haul, need sustainable programming, progression, focus, and a bunch of understanding about everything. You're not looking to burn 800 calories in a workout so you can knock back 15 vodka, lime and soda's ("Because they have like no calories! Don't they?") You're looking for a total lifestyle shift, change how you do things and create positive routines and habits. You're looking for someone who wants to see you succeed. They want to ride the highs and lows with you. Be there when you're having a shit day, be there when you're "not feeling it", but also high 5 the shit out of you when you nail a deadlift PB! Because that's why you train with a coach! To raise the bar. Demand more. Not do an extra 10 overhead barbell squat jumps with a backflip into a burpee. You're there to squat! Heavy! Deadlift! Heavy! And just be AWESOME! Compete against everyone! LOL! Jks, you're only there to become better than yesterday. You can walk into your coach, and you'll feel like you're the only person there. You don't have to freshen up your make-up, and make sure you have the latest fashion Nike's on! You're there to train, not be photographed. 

So who are you? A trainer or a coach?

Choose wisely, because your results depend on it! 

Keen to work with a coach and see what you can truly achieve with some proper guidance? Who have seen people fail an fail again, yet still push you to keep trying. Does that sound like the person who will encourage you, not yell at you? 

We get you! Because we work with people like you, but different. Everyone has their own agenda and goals. 

Be unique!

Be awesome!

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