We're always searching for the best way to do everything. The fastest way to burn fat. The quickest way to get stronger. The easiest way to lose weight. Well, today, we're going to help you out with some of our Top 5 Tips for a few different areas of Health & Fitness. 

Top 5 Tips For Training

  1. Frequency & Consistency: How many times you're going to the gym makes a huge difference in your progress. 

  2. Intensity: When you train, you need to be keeping an eye on intensity. Keeping intensity high to be sure you're challenging yourself each and every time you workout. Up your weights, lift that extra rep, maintain better control and move some lifts slower to increase time under tension for better muscle growth and development. 

  3. Progression: Training without progress is pointless. If you're training consistently, you should be aiming to increase the weight lifted, the reps done, the sets done. This is progression. Without it, you're heading down a dark and empty tunnel with no light at the end. 

  4. Exercise Variation: You need to keep introducing new ways to improve your body and your training. This can be easily achieved by bringing in new exercises and ways of doing certain movements. "Train outside the box" could be applied here. If some exercises don't quite work for you and your body isn't adapting anymore, change it up. Traditional deadlifts may not be your friend, so try using a trap bar for example. (Learn more here...)

  5. Ask For Help: If what you're doing isn't working, it's time to seek some help and guidance.Figure out what you're trying to achieve, and seek out a professional who can help you with this. If it's body composition, you need more than just a good personal trainer, you will also need someone who will help you with all the different areas of your health & wellbeing. 

Top 5 Tips For Nutrition

  1. Consistency: Eating well isn't a '2 days of the week approach'. It's a complete lifestyle change. It's 6 to 7 days a week with consistency right the way through. Eating all the right foods that will support your personal goals, best fuel your body to perform at its best and give you the best body composition possible. 

  2. Eat The Right Foods: Making the right choices is very important because making the wrong ones, especially over time, will cause a lot of flow on negative effects. It will prevent you from achieving progress, and will also increase side effects like bloating, pain, poor digestion, low energy and a few more that will hinder your end result. 

  3. Eat Variety: Be sure to include a variety of fresh fruit, vegetables, meats, fiber rich foods, fermented foods, probiotic rich foods, with a healthy dose of the foods you simply love! Your new nutrition plan should include the foods you love to eat, or else you won't stick to it for long at all. 

  4. Don't Skip Meals, and Eat More Food: The biggest mistake people make is to cut calories to the point where they're not even eating enough calories to sustain simple metabolic processing, including the ability to burn fat. Long term calorie restriction can and does have a metabolic damaging effect that takes a long time to bounce back from. When you start to eat more food, your digestion will begin to restore itself, you will experience an increase in energy, and your daily performance will be better so you can do more of the stuff that supports your goals. 

  5. Cut Out The Crap: Sadly, you're not 5 years old anymore. "I don't eat that" simply doesn't fly. It's time to grow up and begin to eat more foods, and stop eating all the crap foods that is making you fatter, more unhealthy, and sick. Fried foods, take away foods, packaged foods and all the other nutrient poor foods the common diet is filled with are not helping you achieve any of your health & fitness goals. Be sure to cut all of them out, because none of them have a place in your nutrition. At best, maybe once or twice a month is more than enough. You'll also begin to see that when you cut them out, you won't even feel like eating them full stop. Your habits will change and your taste and cravings will be different. 

Top 5 Tips For A Healthier Lifestyle

  1. Move More: Your body is designed to move. It has the ability to do so much more than you give it credit for or allow it to do. Movement is the best way to burn calories. Any form of exercise that you enjoy is great way to encourage better movement within. Enjoy bush walks, but hate going to the gym? Then go for bush walks. Do you prefer to lift weights rather than walk/run? Then lift more weights. It doesn't matter which your preferred form of movement or exercise is, just commit to them and do them as often as you can. 

  2. Drink More Water: Water is a powerful detoxifier and also helps to encourage digestion. It will deliver you with more energy, your muscles will be well hydrated to deliver greater strength output during your training, you'll function better, sleep better, recover faster and feel better overall. It's simply a win win scenario. 

  3. Love What You Do: Regardless of what it is that you love to do, make sure you love every minute of it. Do you love the feeling of working out and lifting weights to the point where your muscles burn? Do you love getting lost in nature and finding places very few have been before? Doesn't matter what you prefer, so long as you love it, or learn to. 

  4. Stress Less: Stress is the biggest killer when it comes to physical change in your body. A build up emotional and physical stress can prevent you from any progress in your body, as well as causing you to store excess body fat. Stress has the ability to basically shut down your natural ability to restore full health, and live at a heightened state of wellbeing. Learn to acknowledge and deal with the stress in your life. Don't let it control you. Identify that it's there, and that's ok. Stress can help power you, or you can let it cripple you. Either way, it shouldn't stop you from doing what you love. 

  5. Prioritise What Matters: Everything in your life should be ranked on a scale of least important to most important. Don't get caught up and spend all your time and energy on the little things that don't truly matter and aren't aligned with your personal values and beliefs. If you find yourself worrying about the little things, all the while your friendships are falling apart with loved ones, then you've lost balance and control over this. Step back, reassess and focus your energy in the right areas. Concentrate on what makes you happy. What puts a smile on your face, every time. What you simply can't live without. Because, if tomorrow, someone took that away from you, would your life still be the same without it? If not, then it's a personal value. Just try and work out if it's worth having as a value. This is a great way to check if you're caring about the right things. 

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