What are you really chasing? 

Are you constantly flicking through a gossip mag only to see all of these skinny celebrities wandering around in next to nothing looking "amazing"! But do they actually look that great? 

What are YOU trying to achieve? Are YOU striving for total health? Or are YOU striving for an aesthetic goal? If it's an aesthetic goal you're aiming for, then you're going to need to keep reading. 

I always tell clients to focus purely on becoming healthier than ever before to ensure they don't let the little things slip by. Once you achieve full overall health, then your external body will have no choice but to follow suit. A healthy inside leads to a healthy outside. Your most important component is your gut. It drives the rest of your body. Get that part right and you'll succeed. Focus on getting toned arms and a firm butt, you'll fail every time. Aim to clean up your diet, reduce all the stress in your life, reduce your alcohol intake, refined sugars, simple carbs, processed foods, fast foods and a few others, and you'll do just fine! 

Only focus on a physical goal like having a washboard stomach and you'll never achieve it. All the crunches in the world won't flatten your stomach if you're eating 2 English muffins for breakfast every morning, and a baguette for lunch. Remember, "You can't out train a bad diet."

Pouring more of your focus and attention into perfecting your diet and nutrition will do more for your body shape than the extra spin class ever will. Don't neglect your food because that is what will create the biggest changes!  

At the end of the day, we all exercise and put ourselves through the things we do because we want to have a visual benefit for it but also to receive the recognition of others. A compliment coming from another person means more for our confidence than our own opinion of our self standing in front of the mirror. 

You will forever be your harshest critic so be kind to yourself. Focus on becoming healthy, not just trying to lose weight or get a toned body. The toned body is the end goal for the hardwork. Focus on cleaning up your diet and doing it for the right reasons, not the wrong ones. Training is a part of life. It's not a 6 week inclusion to a shitty old lifestyle. Without making the required changes, nothing will change. 

Focus on health. Aesthetics will come after. 

Put in the work and get the reward.