[ GUYS EYES ONLY ] TESTOSTERONE: When is the best time to train?

Hey fellas, we're all after one thing right? Build muscle, while getting as lean as possible, right? Well most of us are. So when it comes to the timing of your workouts, it may be even more important than you thought to pay attention to this. 

We all know the common occurrance in the morning, right? Ever wondered why it happens? Oh, and if you're not sure what I'm talking about, think a bit harder ;)

Now, we all know that men feed off testosterone, and as the day goes on, our levels decrease. So if you train in the evening, and you never feel like you have that "power" during your workout, it might be time to shift around your training times. First thing in the morning is when our testosterone is at its highest. Muscle development is controlled by testosterone in men, and the better levels you have, the better output you can deliver, so training in the morning when your levels are high would be better for optimal performance. It will also break your habit of hitting snooze, waking up groggy and missing those gains!

Study has shown that if you stimulate the body in the morning using heavy lifting, your testosterone levels remain at a much higher level for longer throughout the day. This increases focus, strength, energy, muscle growth, decision making, and your general manliness. 

Another item at the top of your checklist is simply see how you feel in the morning. If you are getting lots of sleep, yet still feel tired and lethargic in the morning, and you feel you have a drop in sexual interest, then it may be time to get your levels checked. You can do this yourself at home, or go and see your GP and ask for a test to be done. Some are done using saliva, and some via blood sample as the testosterone hormone binds to the sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) in the blood. 

Side effects of low testosterone can include;

  • fatigue
  • infertility
  • poor muscle mass

If you think your testosterone might be low, seriously consider getting a test done, and/or look at natural supplementation. I am currently cycling a 100% herbal Testosterone Boosting supplement that assists boost test levels and suppress estrogen levels. It works for me, but I also never had any issues with it. I chose to use it more so for it's assistance with helping me achieve my body fat % goals. High levels of estrogen in men is a bad thing when you're trying to achieve physical goals. You will begin to store more body fat, as well as a drop in performance in the gym. 

Tip to get the most from your training;

  1. Train in the morning.
  2. Eat lots of protein and healthy fats.
  3. Look at supplementing to reduce estrogen levels.
  4. Lift heavy at least 1-2 times per week. 
  5. Track your performance and how you're feeling. 
  7. Get your technique right to ensure proper muscle growth and development. Nobody likes a hero lifting too heavy anyway ;)