You've tried to lose weight before. Yes? How did you do it? Why did you do it? What motivated you? How much did you put back on after the 4 weeks you kept it off?

See the cycle? Losing weight isn't a 4 week thing. It's a lifestyle change that will create a permanent change to your habits through years of repetition. Nothing long lasting happens in 4 weeks, unless it's a kick start. Then you use that momentum and run with it to create a long term change. 

When was the last time you were happy when you jumped on the scales?

Over the time you focused on losing weight, what habits did you change? Or was it simply a calorie restricted period of your life you'd prefer not to think about? Losing weight is not about losing weight at all, is it? It's about much more than that.

Would you still be upset and complaining if you were your ideal body shape, sitting on the beach in a bikini you feel comfortable in, yet feel unhappy because the scales still read too high, for that ideal weight range that's in your head. Sounds crazy doesn't it? And if you WERE your dream body, but stayed the same weight as you are now, and were still upset, we are going to have a problem. 

Chasing your DREAM BODY has nothing to do with what that looks like does it? It's all about how that body makes you feel. All of a sudden that dress you've never felt comfortable to wear again fits perfectly and you look amazing in it. Those summer beach days are stress free and you can happily strut your stuff. Even simply buying clothes makes you feel happier. Drop the need to please the scales and focus on how you feel in the body you have, and how achieving your new body makes you feel. 

Now, have a think, do any of these things have anything to do with what you weigh? Can you honestly sit there and tell me that you would be unhappy still if you had all those things above but still didn't like what you weighed? The weight debate shifted a long time ago, it's time to let go. Your weight doesn't define you anymore, it just scares the shit out of you for some reason, yes? It's time to take back control of what drives you and start to direct it straight towards being healthy, looking and feeling good, knowing that you've been doing everything right by you. 

Sure, with becoming healthier and training more to create your ideal body, your weight may indeed change, but, it may even go up for a bit there, but as body fat comes down (your main goal), your weight will likely change. Depending on your start point, it also may never change. Your body composition will only change. Only judging progress by using the scales is the quickest way to lose motivation and give up, once you see how much effort you put in only to see that the scales haven't budged, or worse, they've gone up. 

WHO CARES?! Except you that is. You will always be your harshest critic, so cut yourself some slack and start to respect yourself a bit more. Be happy with the work you put in, or even put in some more hard work to achieve even more. 

Show yourself some love every now and then. Be proud of what you can do and have achieved, even if it be a strength goal.

Don't be ashamed of what YOU think you look like. OWN THAT SHIT! 

Don't put thoughts in other peoples head. Don't talk negatively about yourself, as it gives others the option to do so. 

Surround yourself with supportive people who will only demand the best of you, and who won't judge you. They will only bring you up and demand you live at a higher level.

Aim to achieve more than you think is possible. 

Revive PT Eltham is full of these inspiring people. We all stand together to fight the same battle and do nothing but support each other every single day. 

So, if you're looking for a new family to be around, feel free to join us TODAY!