I'm a 30 year old husband and father of 2 young boys. In my spare time I am a personal trainer running my own personal training gym. I get up at 5:00am every morning, rain, hail or shine. I eat well 95% of the time and always enjoy life. Some say it's crazy, but keep reading to find out why I do what I do...

What motivates me to keep training hard, eating well and staying as fit and healthy as possible? Life. 

It's pretty simple really. Life is what motivates me to get up early to help others. It's what also motivates me to come home late at night and miss dinner with my family. It's the life I chose. I'm out helping others reach their health & fitness goals, so something has to give.

My clients who come and see me for guidance and support are also missing out on something too. But they have made the choice to come to me for help, so I will put all the time and energy I can into helping each one of them achieve what they are coming to me for. It doesn't stop there. Our care on top of all the training is what helps set ourselves apart from the rest. When you walk out our door after your session, it doesn't mean your help has finished for another day. We write articles, share recipes, and help inspire and motivate members with anything else that might be just what they need to keep pushing to achieve their goals.

I have always been fit and healthy, so why stop now? It's become part of my life. I train, eat well and look good (which is a bonus). Why wouldn't I? I also get to share the journey with my young growing family. I have 2 young boys, plus nieces and nephews, parents and close friends that I can also help with the path I have chosen. Running a business is very stressful at times, but what it has given me is the time to spend with my beautiful wife and boys. Spending time with them at a young age is very important and we get to share many special times that I also had the privilege of having when I was a young boy growing up and this is quite special to me. 

I have seen it time and time again, the new client in their late 30's, early 40's want to start exercising because their kids have all grown up and they then realise they have denied themselves so much for too long. I remind myself every time this happens that I don't want this to happen. My kids love to be around our family gym, the members and the atmosphere we have created. It's infectious and people can't help but be motivated and inspired when they walk in. With everyone on the same wave length, it's a very comfortable space to achieve goals in. 

So what will motivate you? What DOES motivate you? 

For you it may not be family, or just staying fit and healthy. It might be more then that. Is it more about starting to put yourself first? Taking time out of your day to do something good for you rather than everyone else first? Is it finally being able to become the strong person you always wanted to be who has more confidence, more self esteem and respect that your quality of life increases and you come out of your shell and into the person you have always been hiding? 

Regardless of what it is, it's time you start finding your driving factor and using it for your advantage. Using it to create the change you want to see in yourself. 

It doesn't matter WHY you're doing it, that's up to you to figure out, all that matter is that you're DOING it! SO KEEP GOING! YOU'RE AWESOME! 

Don't be motivated by anyone else's reasons, they're individual, as are you. Become your own person and find your own motivation. It will propel you more than any other false motivation you thought was driving you. 

I hope this has helped you and can't wait to see you in the gym soon! 

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