Everyone wants one, not many have one. Why?

What are some people doing that others aren't? 

If you knew the secret, would you do it?

In this short article, I'll be teaching you the first 5 steps to take to get that flat stomach you've always wanted.

Here they are;

  1. NUTRITION: This is the number 1 factor in your washboard stomach. Your diet will have to be perfect. No slip ups, no guilty pleasures, no over indulgence, no treating yo'self, no drinking, and a few other things.
    Eating all the right foods is vital to achieving and maintaining a flat stomach or 6 pack. So by removing all of the food causing those reactions, you'll be less bloated, less inflamed and you'll appear flatter almost immediately.
    Stick to your high quality foods, avoiding as many contaminants and chemicals in food as possible.
    Pasture fed meats, free range eggs, organic fruit and vegetables if possible, wild caught seafood and clean filtered water.

  2. EXERCISE: Your chosen forms of exercise will also play a large role in that flat stomach goal. Not incorporating several different exercises and types will decrease your chances of achieving it.
    Include exercises that help with total core development like; Deadlifts; Squats; Chin Ups; Bench Press; as well as a multitude of core exercises. When doing core work, be sure to incorporate a variety of movements, working on all the different planes of movement.
    Vertical, horizontal, and diagonal. Crunches, oblique work and rotation movements will ensure you build a balanced and lean abdomen.

  3. MUSCLE ACTIVATION: Before you begin a workout, try and do some simple core activation exercises like waking up your TVA (transverse abdominus) to allow a better functioning core. This is especially important for people who suffer lower back pain when you do core exercises, as well as pre and post natal mums.

  4. WATER: Water is the best detoxifier on earth. Let it work its magic. Drinking the right amount of water helps the body to rid itself of excess waste and toxin build up.
    Drink enough water so that your body can remove excess waste, improve digestion and also help gut health improve.
    Allow your body to do all the right things to achieve the desired result. It has the ability to do it on its own, just give it the right tools to do so.

  5. LEARN HOW TO BREATH AGAIN: Have you forgotten how to breathe? Sounds crazy right? Let's do a simple test. Are you sitting or lying down?
    Good, place one hand on your belly button, and one hand on your chest.
    Now, take a big inhale. What happened? Did your shoulders lift and chest expand? Well, sadly, you're wrong.
    Now, leave your hands where they are, and now when you inhale, think about allowing your diaphragm to expand with air. At the end of your inhale, your chest will also fill with air to finish your breath.
    As you exhale, allow your chest to relax first, then your diaphragm will begin to get rid of the air it has.
    At the very end of your exhale, try and lightly draw your belly button in towards your spine to softly tense your deep abdominal muscles that help to contract the diaphragm.
    Repeat this 50 times and tell me how your abs are feeling.
    Now imagine if you did this perfectly every time you took a breath. You'll do thousands every day, every week, and you'll have a flatter stomach before you know it.

Now, to give up all those guilty pleasures, that's all on you. If you want a flat washboard stomach, you'll give them up. If you prefer to drink wine and eat chocolate instead of having a 6 pack, then that's your decision, me.....I'll be doing some crunches and leg raises ;)