We pride ourselves and dedicate our time and attention on the goals and results of our members. It is for this reason that we also like to celebrate our members achievements and success, however big or small. 

It doesn't matter if you lose 2 kilos, or 20 kilos, what matters is your progress and consistency. Some people train for different reasons than others. Some enjoy the challenge, being pushed, while others enjoy the social aspect of training in a group, and being inspired and motivated by the other people all working towards the same end goal of achieving something personal. 

In this section, we like to honour those members who have achieved something awesome with their time at Revive. We will also be doing more and more of it moving forward. 


Riley Morgan

Pic on the right: December 19th, 2016
Pic on the left: March 19, 2017

"9kgs lighter! Looking great! Stronger than ever and only going up and up! "

- Riley

"Revive certainly changed me for the better, both physically and mentally, and now I know I will never go back to the way I felt before I joined! So THANK YOU Liam, Mira and the Revive crew!"

- Amy

“After my first 4 weeks with Revive PT I lost 24cm!”

- Alessia

“I don’t weigh myself often, but I have lost over 11kg since joining…. feeling proud”

- Simone

"Hard work always wins!"

- Catia

“My abs are close to being on point, Thank You Revive, couldn’t possibly do it without your guidance”

- Jill