Everybody knows that sugar is bad for them. Yes? Well, at least I thought so. 

Sugar is a funny topic, much like smoking is for smokers. Those who consume it a lot, believe they can quit anytime they want. Then why not quit you ask? Well, most will respond with "I don't want to quit." I call BS!

Of course you want to quit. Sugar and smoking are both destroying your body in a variety of ways. First, it is 100% pure addiction. Nothing else to it. Sugar is the most addictive drug on earth, consuming its host, and controlling their decision making to ensure it keeps being fed. 

Sugar is consumed in a couple of main methods. Liquid form and solid form. In liquid form, it is put into our coffee, tea, soft drinks, fruit juices, flavoured milks, sports drinks, alcohol and many more liquid beverages. This is the most dangerous as it's readily soluble and the body can begin absorbing it, causing a rapid spike in blood sugar, causing the body to release insulin to combat the spike. Insulin then circulates the body looking for a way out, but more often than not, it can't and won't fit a way out, so it grabs on to fat stores, that are anchored to the skin, superficially, via 'roots' causing the dimples known as cellulite. 

The more sugar and insulin you secrete, your larger and larger the fat stores. Hence, leading to excessive fat gain. The more sugar you consume, the more sugar you want and need to satisfy the cravings. 

In solid form, in steps chocolate, ice-cream, cakes, biscuits, pastries, cereals and much more, but these are the main ones. 

These are in a solid state, and first must be broken down by the body, then transported into the bloodstream, causing a slightly slower blood sugar spike, but a spike nonetheless. The same reaction occurs where the body releases insulin to combat the spike, leading to fat gain.

You can also get a similar reaction for consuming too many grains or simple carbs. As these break down, your body can convert the carbohydrate straight into glucose. Almost 100% of the time, this is the process that occurs after eating carbohydrates. 

The more carbohydrates consumed, causes a greater glucose load inside the body, leading to a build up of excessive amounts of glycogen once it's been converted from glucose. 

Carbohydrates that convert to glycogen can be used as energy when called upon, although muscle tissue does not have the ability to transport it when called upon. It is best utilised before and after training times to best convert it straight into energy. Therefore, carbohydrates are a great pre-workout and post-workout fuel to quickly begin the repair of broken down muscle tissue. 

Over time, sugar has the ability to control your appetite, emotions and energy levels. If your consumption is too high, you will immediately begin feeling the negative effects of it. Your sleep will deteriorate, your food cravings will be driven more towards starchy carbohydrates, ie. breads, pasta, rice, potatoes etc., and you will become very emotional and irritable. The longer this goes on for, the worse it will become and the less control you will have of your own body and mind. You basically become a slave to sugar. 

The best way to fight the cravings are to avoid all simple carbohydrate foods, as well as all added sugars in any food or drink. Once you have removed these, your body can begin to repair what has been done and you can start to feel better almost immediately. 

Your sleep will improve.

Your mood will improve. 

Your energy will be higher, and as a result, you'll exercise more, burn more fat, and become leaner and healthier. 

By quitting sugar, you will reclaim your life and be able to make healthier and smarter choices. 

Start today by removing 1 or more foods/drinks that contain added sugar. If you need help with this, start from breakfast and work your way up.

What drink do you have in the morning?

What do you have for breakfast? Morning tea? Lunch? Afternoon tea? Dinner? 

How many sugar laden drinks were in there? How much sugar have you just eliminated? 

Easy isn't it?! 

Give it a go and stick to it to ensure that you never go back. Change bad habits to healthy ones and make this a sustainable long term change.