Over the past decade, we have seen a dramatic change in the way people exercise, and why they choose where they train. 

Going to the gym is much more than that nowadays. It's about the people you meet there, the trainers that help you, the equipment they have, what they endorse, and how comfortable you feel there. The gym has become a place where you feel supported in every sense of the word. Your goals feel heard, you get to know the members, the trainers, their families and their friends. It is more of a family than a gym. 

For a small percentage of people, going to the gym is routine, and they are happy to do the same program, the same group fitness class, the same workout every time they go, and they continue to love it year in year out. For the majority, they need variety, to be challenged, pushed to new heights, and be guided to a healthier way of living via nutritional guidance, and a great team around them letting them know they can achieve whatever they put their mind to. 

At Revive PT Eltham, we have a great group of people around us and every member feels part of the family. From your first contact with us, we make sure you feel welcome and that you have found where you need to be for the next leg of your journey.

Training has evolved more than ever, and new equipment is making training more fun, with greater variety and with the old favourites, accessory work in your training is a great way of accelerating your results in the gym. 

With the introduction of battle ropes, prowler sleds, kettlebells, slam balls, plyo boxes, resistance bands, prowler sleds, TRX suspension trainers and much more, you can begin to challenge your body in a whole new way to make sure that training becomes a sustainable long term commitment. 

So, ask yourself this question, does my gym offer me the above mentioned? 

Do I feel challenged with my workouts, or am I simply walking into the gym every day without a plan? 

If you are feeling a little bit lost at the moment, and you want to find out how you can kick start your training back on track, fill in the form below and we'll get you started ASAP! 

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