The weather is warming up, slowly but surely, and those beach days are just around the corner, don't leave it too late again this year. Sound about right?

You're starting to look forward to this summer because you finally allowed yourself more time to get your body ready. Yes?!

Luckily for you, that extra little bit of help you've been looking for to get the booty looking and feeling it's best has arrived at Revive!

We are very lucky to have teamed up with Chrissy, who will be taking you through these 8 weeks of summer shredding and booty building madness! 

What is the Summer Shred 8 Week Challenge?

This specially designed program is ladies looking to shape their booty and legs in time for summer and those blissful bikini beach days. 

With weekly hour classes, focusing on lower body training, this program is tailored more so to those of you who are already training, but looking to step it up and finally make some serious progress with your training. 

      Be sure to get your besties involved too! 

     Be sure to get your besties involved too! 

What's Included in the 8 Week Challenge?

Over the 8 weeks, you will get to take part in a variety of different training methods to give your body an overall shake up. 


Focusing on technique and the finer details required to develop those booty gains, Chrissy's approach will help you finally understand what it takes to achieve the beach body you've always wanted. 

muscle isolation

Week to week will have a different approach, with some weeks focusing more on the main muscle groups, then some of the other groups focusing more on the smaller muscles that still contribute to the overall shape, strength and development of your booty and legs. 


Over the 8 weeks, you will learn better technique, as well as learning the best ways to progress your training and accelerate your results to achieve the body you want. 

Challenge Details

Start Date: late August

When: Saturday mornings at 11am (for 1 hour)

Cost: only $120 for the 8 weeks ($15/class)

Who can do the challenge?

We would prefer people who have a solid training background, but are looking for the next step up in their training and results. This challenge is not designed for people just starting out, as most of the training is a bit more advanced to allow for faster progression, that they will be better suited for. But not to worry, we are hoping to also introduce a beginners version shortly! 

How do I register? 

We keep it nice and simple, just fill out the form below and we'll get in contact to get you booked in! 

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