Every single day I come face to face with people striving for the perfect balance. The perfect routine. Perfect health.


But why doesn't anyone achieve it? 

Why don't any of those people have everything they are working for?

What's missing?


They spend their weeks eating well, training hard and consistently, and doing ALL the things they should be. 

All for what? 

A 6 pack? A firm butt? Toned arms? 

Is this really what is important? 

What if we all stopped focusing on the aesthetics of exercising and focused on the health side of it all. 


Would that change anything you do? Would that change some of your decisions you make day-in-day-out? 


If you started training for health instead, and not just trying to look as good as possible, what if the end result was looking good anyway? What if you got your body working so efficiently, that it had no choice but to replicate its inner working on the outside. You achieved your 6 pack. Your firm butt. Your toned and hard arms. As a bonus your skin improves, your muscular definition improves, your digestion improves, your energy is up, you can train better, and you just "feel" better. 


What would that mean to you? What would you give to know that? 

Would you give up on all the fads and just go back to basics? 

Start eating well so that your exterior can replicate your interior.

You become a highly efficient and effective machine that can burn fat and build lean muscle without so much hard work and stress.


Doesn't all this sound better? Doesn't it make much more sense? I know that lifting weights is purely based around looking good, hence bicep curls, but what if we all started training to be functional? Fit and strong, with functional mobility and practicality. 


Sure, both methods have their place,but for long term sustainability and functionality, there is only 1 way to go. Become strong and you will live a lot more stress free, pain free and injury free life. 


When you have a machine like this, you only feed it high quality products and ensure its well looked after to maintain performance. If you allow the quality to drop off, then performance will be down. 


Feed you body high quality foods and treat it with the care and respect it deserves, then you will be well rewarded for your efforts. 

BUT, abuse it, mistreat it and not allow your body to heal, rest and replenish itself, then you are asking for what will follow. 


Slow down, take a break, listen to your body and act accordingly. 


Sound like I'm describing YOU? I probably am. If you believe all the things I've just spoken about are describing you and your current life, then maybe you should be doing something different. Yes? If it hasn't worked by now, I'm sorry, but it never will. If those changes haven't happened yet, they're not going to. The answer isn't training harder or more frequently (if it's even possible), but the answer is to start changing stuff. Changing your workouts, your diet, your approach and attitude towards how you look after and care for yourself. 


If you tell me;

"It's too much hard work."

"It's too boring to eat healthy all the time."

"I just want to live a little."

Just face it, you don't really want it anyway. 


Remember, you only get 1 body, so treat it right. 


Thanks for reading. 




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