At Revive PT Eltham as well as in my personal life, I have the absolute privilege of knowing and interacting with some amazing, passionate, and talented women in the fitness industry. About 75% of the people in my community are female, and I think it's fantastic. 

There are 4 people that spring to mind as I sit here and write this. These 4 women have had a massive impact on me in both my personal or business life, or both. 

I am talking about Nicole Sinclair, Amelia Waters and Brodie Rees and the most special person of all, my stunning wife, Mira Crivelli. 

They all have an aspect of their lives in common, and that is that they value themselves very highly and that their self worth and value is of utmost importance. 

I'd like to introduce you to these 4!

I got to meet Nicole back in May 2016 when she attended my Bali retreat. I had been speaking with her leading up to that point, but nothing like what was to follow. The passion, intent, and love that Nicole brings to life is infectious. You can't help but be absorbed by her personality, along with her desire to make positive change everywhere she goes. 

Throughout her time on retreat, and with her 1:1 time with Brodie Rees, Nicole had decided to make a significant change in her life. Upon returning home from the May retreat, Nicole had decided to pursue a career in Yoga. She was leaving the corporate world and pursuing her life passion that is yoga and helping people transition into a better way of life. 

I then got the privilege of Nicole joining us on another retreat in September 2016, in Byron Bay. Leading up to this retreat, we had decided to offer a 10 Week Introduction to Yoga class at our gym, and Nicole would be the facilitator. Leading up to, and during the September retreat, Nicole worked with myself and Brodie to build the course, market the course, and sell it out! 

Off the back of this 10 week course, Nicole has since designed and sold out another block. 

Nicole continues to inspire, and deliver a high quality service with her passion and love shining bright in her teachings. It's been a blessing that we have been able to work together and I look forward to our future together in health & wellness.

Amelia Waters and I have been connected for the past 5 years or so, through our training relationship. I started off training Amelia 1:1, and that eventuated into her pursuing a career in the health & fitness industry. 

I developed a great bond with Amelia and she continues to shine through her love and dedication to herself, but also her clients. The level of commitment she shows in her own training and pursuit of her goals is second to none. She has recently achieved her goal of competing in a body sculpting show where she excelled. 

Amelia has a strong desire to learn as much as possible as well as to put it into practice to both further her own training as well as her clients. 

Amelia joined me in Bali in November 2016 on our retreat, and it was great to spend a week with such a like minded person with such a strong passion for the same industry. Over the last few years, I have learned and been inspired by Amelia just as much as I hope I have done so for her. 

I truly hope there is many more years to come. 

What can I say about Brodie Rees?

What can't I say about her? There is not a single thing I could, or anyone could, say bad about her. She is a genuine person with a heart of gold. Her goal in life is to pass on her passion and love for yoga to anyone and everyone that comes in contact with her. 

If you want to see how she is touching the world, just go to one of her classes in Brisbane, or join us on retreat, and you'll see exactly why people fall instantly in love with her. Brodie is such a kind soul and in her classes, that is strongly evident. 

I began running retreats with Brodie back in July 2014, and with our Bali retreat booked for May 2017, it will mark our 8th retreat together, and our 5th in Bali, Brodie's home away from home.

We were introduced to each other by my beautiful wife, and have since been grateful enough to share some amazing experiences together and also take around 50 people through a transformation across a week of wellness on our retreats. 

Brodie has a heart of gold, and her ability to deliver that to you in a class or 1:1 setting is incredible, and something that has to be witnessed in person. 

I continue to learn from Brodie and am truly grateful for what we have developed together. Seeing our vision come to life is truly a blessing.

I've saved the best for last.

This women is by far the most amazing person in my life. She inspires me to be better, give more and be the best person I can be. 

My stunning wife and life partner Mira has inspired me since day 1. Her personality, passion for helping others, her persistence and her understanding and patience to sit by my side and create a business that can deliver so much is so much to be thankful for. 

A lot of people would have packed up a long time ago, and not been able to enjoy the ride. 

She is the mother of our 2 gorgeous and thoughtful little boys. She pushes me in business. She also inspires me when it comes to food. When we first met, I ate well, but never really had a passion for amazing food. Over the last few years especially, Mira has created a beast inside me that has a burning desire to find, consume and enjoy amazing food, which has become a real passion of mine. "Life is too short to eat crap food."

I can't thank her enough, and all my hardwork is done for her and our boys. Without them I wouldn't have the half the drive to succeed that I do now. 

She just does it all, and never asks for any recognition, and is the driving force behind me when I want to sit back and relax a little. 

I am inspired daily by her and she is my biggest inspiration. I mean, she has only come on 1 of my retreats so far because she has been mothering, pregnant, or with a young baby at home. Now if I can get through that, I MUST be a lucky man!

I love and appreciate all of you and want to thank you for your love, support and guidance over the years! 

Keep doing what you do!