1:1 Personal Training @ Revive PT Eltham

Are you looking to lift your training up a few levels?

1:1 PT has a few additional benefits to group training. 

  1. Extra personalised attention
  2. Additional technique help
  3. More personalised programming to suit your body and goals

With 1:1 PT @ Revive, you'll receive a high level of experience, knowledge and dedication to you and your goals. With a number of trainers to choose from, it's easy for us to pair you up with the perfect trainer for your needs and goals. 

Working closely with a trainer is a great way to accelerate your results as well as help those looking to get back into it, get started and set clear goals and expectations. 

Our trainers are well experienced working with clients from all walks of life and with different areas of expertise, they can also help you achieve your goals. 

Having the ability to combine 1:1 PT with our group training option is also the perfect way to compliment your training. This premium membership will allow you to attend any of our weekly group training classes as well as book in for your own personalised 1:1 session with any of our trainers each week. Imagine how much you could accelerate your results if you combined the 2!

With 45 mins or 60 minutes available for your 1:1 session, you will be able to lock in a time for your session each week or if you have more flexibility with time, we can leave it up to you each week that will work best with your intended training plans. 

Our 1:1 training is available from $65/session. 

Fill out the form below and tell us more about what you want to achieve, and one of our trainers will be in touch to discuss your application further and work out the best way to get you started. 

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