When it comes to nutrition, it's easy to get caught up in media hype and get confused about what's good and what's not. There is so much competition nowadays that companies are all about their bottom line, so they'll sell you anything and everything that "may" help you achieve your goal. 

When we finally slow down and assess our nutrition and diet, is when we begin to see the main areas of concern and where we should be focusing more of our energy, instead of hunting for the next "superfood" that melts fat while you sleep, or some other catchy slogan. 

There is a number of habits that health people possess that those who wish were more like them, do not. Below I will show you the top 5 areas that are most neglected but will also give the best return. 

1. Planning & Preparation- On our health retreats, we talk about this topic on Day 1. Without this in place, you will fail time and time again. When was the last time you actually planned ahead for the week, so you knew exactly what you will be eating Mon-Sun? Without planning, you can't be prepared. So they happen together and you can't have one without the other. 

2. "Earn your carbs"- Carbs are a danger food for a lot of people, especially those who don't partake in high intensity resistance based exercise (no, 15 minutes on the cross trainer doesn't count). Carbs are either your best friend, or your worst enemy. When it comes to your dream body, and you would like to be lean, not skinny, then weight training is your best friend. Without it, you will be shapeless, have no lean muscle, and overall, you'll probably be unhappy with your appearance. If your goal is just to be skinny, then best of luck, but what we do and what we discuss, won't apply to you. 

Carbs are a weight trainers best friend for post workout recovery and muscle development. Remember, the more lean muscle on your body, the leaner you will stay and the food you eat will have less impact on your body. But, be sure to earn your carbs. Don't just throw them into your diet without taking the time to think about when and where to have them. 

3. Eat more food- This applies to almost everyone. There is only 1 thing worse than over eating, and that is under eating. When you are not eating enough food to sustain your body's daily requirements, you will not be able to make the necessary changes and development to achieve your ideal body. Adding in breakfast for most who skip it is #1. Then adding in a nutritious lunch, dinner and extra meal in there somewhere will do your body a world of good! 

4. Be smart- Making smart choices when it comes to diet and nutrition is vital to ensure that you stay on track and achieve your end goal. Making informed decisions when designing your diet is important so that you know what to be eating, when, and you can maintain it moving forward or throughout the silly seasons. 

5. Cut The Crap- This one is pretty self explanatory. Just cut out the crap food you know you shouldn't be eating. Just stop eating it. None of this moderation crap, just stop eating it. Unless your moderation is once to twice a month, then moderation won't work. Sorry to burst your "cheat day" bubble, but you'll be doing more harm than good if your cheat meals are 4 times a week. 

I hope you got something out of this post. Please feel free to share it if it has helped in any way. 

Stay healthy,