My Problem With Fitness Industry Fads

The fitness industry is and always will be full of fads. It survives off them. People looking for the next “quick fix” are what fuel the industry to what it is today. 

Now people, don’t get defensive on me too early, because a lot of you probably follow one, you just may not know it yet. 

I’m referring to the businesses/products/supplements that make a massive wave when they enter the industry, then as it dies down to a small ripple, they are eventually overrun by the next fad and their big wave. 

I’m referring to Zumba, Herbalife, most new age gym/PT studio chains, fat burners, and a wide range of other industry products over the last decade. 

Why don’t these work? 
It’s easy, because they don’t work. Once the original buzz wears off, you finally see them for what they are. Even most of the above listed intended to be here for a long time, just a good time. 

Things like all the latest training crazes aren’t a sustainable long term option for people because they simply don’t adapt your body and create change that will be long lasting. If you’re not getting stronger and building lean muscle, then what will happen once you stop? Yep, you guessed it, everything starts travelling south. Your tone will disappear, your strength is gone (of what you thought you had built). 
Compare it to conventional weight training, you build muscle fibers to make them stronger, larger, leaner. Combining functional strength movements in with that will help your body grow new muscle layers upon layers. This prevents wastage as you age, and helps you stay leaner for longer. 

The problem that places like *** ( a popular circuit training craze), are that once their members stop coming, all their “gains” will be lost. They’re not stronger. They don’t know proper movement. They aren’t educated. 

You simply can’t perfect certain movements if you’re “Never doing the same workout EVER!” Why not? Are too many squat and deadlift sessions bad for you? I guess they are, if your goal is to have a saggy bum and weak hips. 

You need strength training in your life. You need lots of it. 
Circuit training is simply complimentary, and if you’re in a group of 20 other people all running around like headless chooks without purpose, then you should probably rethink what you’re doing there. 

Functional movement will win over “heart rate” movements every day of the week!

So step back and rethink what you’re doing, and what your long term goal of it is.

Are you learning anything?
Are you getting stronger?
Are you developing the muscular strength that is going to benefit you long into your years?
Yes? Great! Good job, you probably train at Revive ;)
No? It’s probably time to come and train at Revive ;)