I am truly blessed with my life because I get to do exactly what I love, which is to share my knowledge, passion and experiences of all things health, fitness and wellbeing with lots of different people all with different goals and needs. 

For me, this is truly a blessing. And what makes it even better? I have my family right by my side every step of the way. It gives me motivation, energy, and helps cement in my head my "WHY". 

A very small percentage of the population actually gets to do what they love. I speak with a lot of people every day who say they love what they do, but if I ask them what they would rather be doing, the list goes on and on. 

For me, with my Health & Wellness Retreats, I get to travel the world and visit exotic and luxurious locations multiple times each year sharing my knowledge with other like minded people who all want a better life. Better health. More to life. Whatever it may be, they just want more of it. 

I often see people 'go through the motions' day-in-day-out and never enjoy a single moment of their day until they walk out the office doors on a Friday night, and heaven forbid those that have to work on the weekends too in a job they hate. 

Life is more than this. It is supposed to be about living, not surviving. More about creating memories, making friendships, experiences, seeing new sights, enjoying moments with loved ones. For me, this is very important to show my kids that you CAN and SHOULD create your own life. Follow your passion. Follow your heart. Who cares if you don't earn millions of dollars every year. Who cares if people doubt you or dismiss your lifestyle. Most people are only jealous so just keep doing what you're doing anyway!

Step back and assess your current life. Is it how you imagined it? Do you have a good balance of work/life? How many things each week are all about happiness, fun, enjoyment?

If it is less than 30% you have a problem. Look at your daily tasks, your weekly activities, your scheduled events/activities and see if they are even something you WANT to be doing. If not, don't do it. Life is too precious to waste time doing something you don't want to do just because others believe it's what you should be doing. 

I used to be in a job I grew to hate because it was holding me back from my dreams and ambitions. My solution: I QUIT. Never been happier. Had no regrets, no fears, because I knew it was the right thing to do. I wanted to LIVE my life, not just get through it. 

The health retreats I run are all about this mindset. Doing stuff you love and enjoy. Creating memories for myself and everyone else that comes on them. The smiles on their faces when they first see the view from our villas...PRICELESS! It couldn't be any better! 

Create the life you want.

Do the things you WANT.

Enjoy the precious priceless moments and you'll get a whole lot more out of life.