Calorie Deficit - The Right Way to Lose Fat!

When it comes to weight and fat, we are talking about 2 totally different things.

Weight is comprised of a lot of different factors, like muscle mass, body fat, bone density, water, food/waste, plus more. When we’re talking about fat, we’re talking about body fat that is directly caused by the food we eat and the lifestyle we live.

In short, a calorie deficit refers to consuming less calories than your body is burning. If you’re not losing weight, you’re simply not in deficit. You are likely in a perceived deficit, or what you believe to be less calories than you burn. Without the proper calculation, it’s simply guesswork.

By using a macro calculator, or even better, getting a body scan to detect how much lean muscle mass you have on your body for example, this will allow you to work out the right calorie intake for you to maintain your body composition. If you want to change it, you need to track it.

For the majority, simply eating better foods more frequently will be enough. For your next step, it takes more than that. Once you hit your “happy place”, you will be able to back off the peddle a bit, as your 90% of diet is spot on, then you can enjoy your 10% more.

Calorie deficits can range from small deficits to larger ones depending on the person and their desired outcome. If your goal is to lose upwards of 20kgs, then you’re probably eating well over your expenditure anyway, so you can cut a higher amount of calories out of your diet. This can be performed over a 6-12 week period to ensure you don’t crash and burn, and your body can adjust to the new lower calorie numbers. Your body will also get the chance to adjust to the lower calories and you’ll have a far better chance at keeping the fat loss off long term.

Once you reach your desired fat loss outcome, then you can begin to eat to build lean muscle and begin to slowly increase calorie intake back up.

But in the short term, it’s about making better choices.

YES, this means you can’t drink wine every damn night!

YES! This means you can’t go out for take-away every week!

YES, this means you can’t eat chocolate every night after your cheese toastie!

BUT! You will be happier, healthier, have more confidence, look and feel better, so sorry about that!

You need to start by eating better foods, that still make up the correct calorie intake numbers.

It’s time to make the decision. Does your desire to look or feel a certain way outweigh your desire to continue doing the above? If you answered YES, then stop doing it. It’s pretty simple.

The reason why some people achieve great results compared to others not, is because they do what you don’t. They cut out luxuries, they make better choices, they prepare and plan meals and they don’t stray! No, they’re not “lucky” or have good “genetics”. They followed the process, and now enjoy the rewards.

So, if you would like to make progress, and achieve at least some of the results that you want, then you need to actually start doing something different to what you normally do.

Don’t force feed yourself all the BS about you having a “busy social life”, because you know my response for that! Some of my friends with the best physiques, have a very active social life, they just want it more. It’s plain and simple really.

What stops you eating ice-cream with Nutella at night is your WHY, not your will power. Will power will help you choose not to, but if you have “CONFIDENCE”, “EMPOWERMENT”, and “SELF LOVE” written on paper inside your pantry door, you literally have to ignore your goals to get to the Nutella, so now you can’t blame anyone else.

Your outcome is up to you, just depends how bad you want it.

The next time you look for an excuse as to why nothing has changed yet, question your own decisions before looking for the best fat burner on the market and over dosing on them.

Follow the same journey that everyone else before you has followed and stop trying to avoid the hard work. The hard work is where the change lives. Without it you teach yourself nothing. We are so hard wired to look for the easiest option.

If I told you, the milk in your coffee was stopping you from losing weight. Or the glass of wine on a Friday, or the 6 beers every Saturday afternoon, was the cause, or the fact that you now can’t have the blueberry muffin with your afternoon tea, would you change it, or deny that’s the reason.

How you react to this very scenario tells me a lot about what you’re willing to do to achieve your goals. If you want to tell me to get stuffed, then you’re not going to listen and you don’t want your goals anyway, so we just cut out the next 10 weeks of hard work that you were likely going to sabotage anyway.

Talk to anyone who has achieved the fat loss you want, and ask them what it took! Now replicate it! If you look around Revive, you’ll find them, don’t worry!

We have a NO BS approach at Revive PT and will tell you the honest truth every time.

Our members love this, although at times is hard to swallow, but it works. We don’t sugar coat it, because some people will probably eat that too! We cut through trying to not hurt peoples feelings to give them the best info straight up!

So, if you were offended by this, we’re not sorry because that is more about you, not us. Don’t get angry because we are trying to help you and tell you what to do so you can achieve the goals you told us you wanted. So we will keep doing what we do, and that’s working with people who are dedicated and actually want to make serious changes and keep them long term!

Can you drink wine and still lose fat? YES! Yes you can! Just work it into your macro breakdown so that on a daily intake, you account for a couple of glasses of wine. People do it. They just seem to have the balance right.

I’ve been able to do this for the past 16 years. My weight hasn’t changed since I was 16. My muscle mass has significantly increased though! This came from proper nutrition, training hard, and not really cutting out all the fun stuff in life. My balance was right… that’s the only difference.

Stay healthy!

Coach Liam