Inside all of us lives 2 very different kinds of people. Our inner angel, and our inner devil.

What's the difference? 

Our angel is our kind, sensitive, thoughtful, selfless persona, who is always looking out for everybody else, always doing all the nice things and making sure that we are always maintaining a comfortable existence and making sure we don't upset ourselves in any way. 

Your angel will agree with you when you think you deserve chocolate or that sleep in. "We deserve it."

Our devil? Well...this personality is a real prick! Says all the things you don't want to hear. Tells you how it is, tells you that you should get your ass off the couch and go do something. 

Want some chocolate? Like hell! Put that shit down and go and work for your dream body, then decide if you can have your chocolate! Your inner devil is the one that puts you first before everyone else. Your selfish persona. The devil helps you find the truth through all the sugar coated crap you kept telling yourself for years. 

So who do you listen to? Do you find you're constantly sleeping in? Constantly skipping gym sessions because;

  1. You've had a long day, you're tired, go home and relax.
  2. You went yesterday, let's have a rest day.
  3. Dinner and drinks with friends is very tempting, let's skip gym today, just go tomorrow.

Ever found yourself saying this? Everyone has! Because we all have an angel and a devil.

So who wins in your head? Do you give in to the angel and find comfort, yet no progress and results? Or do you listen and agree with the devil and become the person that achieves what they want and never gives up until they have it in their hands? 

I get to work with both, sadly, only one kind will achieve amazing results, the other, while they still achieve good results, take longer and is more drawn out. 

Angel or devil?

You have the power to choose.