Our aim is to provide a service above and beyond the rest that offers our members and our community a place where they can not just go and train, but learn, feel comfortable, and be supported and motivated. 

We encourage people to step out of their comfort zones to help realise their true potential and achieve the "unachievable". 

Our training style keeps each workout new and exciting, while challenging you, and progressing you to new levels. 

Come down to our facility, check out our style of training and see how we can reignite the fire inside you!

You need to love everything about where you train, so we make it a priority to ensure every member has a great experience every time they step into Revive PT Eltham. Our goal is to educate just as much as to train and guide you. 

We believe we offer a product and service that is different to the rest of the "pack", putting the "personal" back into Personal Training. Come down and see why so many people love us!


At Revive we not only offer personal training, but we also aim to educate all of our members to adopt a healthier life, in all areas. We also branch out into nutrition, mindset, goal setting and self help techniques to ensure a healthy body and mind, and to keep it that way. We educate our members in a few different ways including nutrition and lifestyle seminars, working with other health professionals to collaborate to build programs and mini courses for our members and community, regular communication and information, and also by offering multiple health retreats throughout the year, including some shorter weekend style ones only for Revive members. 

We love to share recipes, training and stretching tips, and some cool videos with our members to stay informed and share new ideas to keep them at the top of their game, and health. 

In this section you will find a long list of those, so be sure to keep checking back in to grab the latest. 

We are always writing new and exciting content for our viewers and followers. 

This section in the website is where you will find all of our articles for your easy access.