This quick and easy recipe is tasty, full of flavour, nutritious, and will support your everyday nutrition needs.


2-3 large handfuls organic green kale (could also use spinach)

1/2 red onion

3 garlic cloves

15 green beans

1-2 small chilies 

Free range chicken breasts (I used 2, which serves 3-4 people)

3-4 tbsp Moroccan seasoning (click HERE for recipe)

Olive oil for frying



1. Rinse kale and beans under running water and strain well.

2. Thinly slice the red onion, garlic and chili.

3. Heat a little bit of olive oil in a large fry pan.

4. While the oil is heating up, on a low heat, roughly chop the kale, stalks and all, as well as the beans.

5. Saute the garlic, onion and chili in some olive oil until browned. 

6. Once browned, add the kale and beans and toss well until the kale has softened. Remove from the heat.

Sauteed kale, red onion, garlic and chili

Sauteed kale, red onion, garlic and chili

7. Slice the chicken breasts in half and coat each side of the chicken with the Moroccan seasoning.

8. Grill the chicken on a low heat for 6-8 mins each side.

9. Once the chicken is cooked, slice into thin strips roughly 1 cm thick and 4-5 cm long.

Thinly slice the chicken once cooked

Thinly slice the chicken once cooked

10. Spoon some of the kale mix onto a plate or bowl. Top with some of the sliced chicken.