These are the most simple pancakes you could possibly make. And taste magnificent!

Cook them on a low heat and the moisture they retain, yet cooking through is incredible!

Here we go…


2 cups desiccated organic coconut

4 eggs

3-4 bananas

organic butter (for frying)

honey (optional)

peanut butter (or any other nut butter or spread) (optional)

sesame seeds (optional)



  1. Mash bananas on a plate using a fork.

  2. Whisk eggs on a large mixing bowl.

  3. Fold through coconut in eggs.

  4. Stir through mashed banana.

  5. Heat 1 tsp of butter on a very low heat in a fry pan.

  6. Spoon in mixture into desired size and thickness.

  7. Cook on a low heat until they are fully formed and will flip easily.

  8. Cook for even time on each side until the butter gives them a crispy golden colour and texture.

  9. Top with whatever you desire. We loved some organic peanut butter or tahini, with a little bit of honey, sprinkled with sesame seeds. You can use fresh fruit, yoghurt, nuts and seeds, berries etc.

NOTE: If you try and flip them and they separate, continue cooking before trying to flip.

This mixture will make 10-15 pancakes depending on size.

If you prefer them thinner, then use a little bit less coconut and add some nut milk to thin out the mixture so they spread in the pan more.