This recipe was initially my straight up Salted Caramel Protein Slice, but with a slight error, it ended up becoming something more than that. It turned into a chewy, caramel, soft slice with feeling and memories of my childhood. 

The recipe? 

Right HERE!


20 dates - soaked in boiling water for 1-2 hours

1 1/2 cup cashews - soaked in boiling water for 1-2 hours

100g coconut oil

1 tbsp coconut nectar

2 tsp lacuma powder

1 tsp ground celtic or Himalayan sea salt

100g ESA vanilla protein powder



1. Pour the dates and cashews into a bowl and cover in boiling water and allow to soak for 1-2 hours. I have left them for longer before so no worries. 

2. After the dates and cashews have soaked, drain all the water out and place them into a food processor or Thermomix.

3. Add in the coconut oil and salt. Blend on high speed to puree the dates and cashews and to mix the salt through the mix well. 

4. Scrape down the sides a couple of times. While it is blending, add in the coconut nectar, lacuma, and protein powder, and blend well to ensure a smooth, consistent mixture. 

5. Line a baking dish with glad wrap and pour mixture in, pressing it down into all the corners. This step is where I sometimes add desiccated coconut to the top of the mixture so it's easier to flatten the mix as it tends to become quite sticky. 

6. Once flat and evenly spread, top with a pinch of extra salt to taste. 

7. Refigerate. Once cooled, slice into bite sized cubes, and toss through extra coconut to coat all sides and prevent sticking