6 Weeks of Unlimited Strength Training for $99!

Hey mate.

So, you finally want to kick it with the big boys?

It’s time. I know it, you know it. Enough is enough.

Take back control of your fitness and training routine with some proper lifting, technique and strength gains.

Finally regain that strength and physique you had when you were a bit younger, or what you never quite achieved? 

Get back into lifting some weights again. Train hard and become the man you remember being, or the one you always wanted to be. 

Sound like you? 

Let's do it then!

Are you ready to achieve the following;

- build muscle

- create a new body shape

- increase your strength

- increase muscle shape and definition

You will;

- be doing 3-6 weight sessions per week

- have nutritional support to enhance results

- focus on strength based lifting and performance

- increase your 1-6 rep max

- in addition, we will track your goals and performance to make sure you don't drop off at any time

- have direct access and personalized training with the owner of Revive PT, along with our other big lifters!

Still keen? GOOD! Because we only want 10 guys.

When: MONDAY - for 6 weeks

Where: Revive PT Eltham - 2/9 Peel St, Eltham

Why: Because life's too short to be small. Become the bad ass you want to become! Join 10 other guys just like you all looking to get strong and build that envious body of your mates!

Investment: time, dedication, focus, hard work and $99


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