Revive PT Eltham May 8 Week Challenge



Welcome to the Revive PT Eltham 8 Week Challenge, running May 13th to July 7th 2019.

Get ready to finally achieve the results you’ve always wanted!

Join our community of people who all work hard together, every single day to ensure their health & fitness is #1 and are always striving to become healthier versions of themselves.


In our 8 Week Challenge, you will receive;

  • 8 weeks of Unlimited Group PT classes at the value of $440!

  • A phone call establishing your goals and mapping out your exact pathway to success.

  • Unlimited Inbody Body Composition Scans! Costed at $50/scan outside of challenge.

  • Exclusive Facebook Members Group invitation, providing endless support and guidance outside of the gym.

  • Specialised Nutritional Direction, person-centred to get you optimal results! Costed at $200 outside of challenge.

  • Infrared Sauna usage

  • Chance to connect with a new group of people and reach the fitness goals you’ve always had!

We’ve helped hundreds of people in our community create a healthier life and achieve their goals. Your hard work at the gym in conjunction with our ongoing support and nutritional guidance sets you up for your fitness success! Our complimentary InBody scans will help you track your progress so you not only feel it, but can see it too!

You’ll be guided through every single session with our amazing transformation coaches to help you achieve the best possible results.


Simply enter your details into the form below and I will be in touch asap, so we can start working on your goals together.

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8 Weeks apart!

8 Weeks apart!